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Why is what you do at MM important to the company? How does your job add value?

As an Account Coordinator, I manage multiple clients and provide support for Board and Committee initiatives. I also assist with database and website management, produce newsletters, announcements and membership communications for clients.  My job adds value to clients because I oversee and coordinate projects to ensure on-time delivery, provide valuable information to members and offer recommendations to improve processes.

What’s your favourite part about your job, specifically at MM or as an event planner/account coordinator/accountant/designer in general?

My favourite part about my job at MM as an Account Coordinator is that there is no such thing as an average day on the job.  It’s exciting to be doing something different each day. What drew me to MM is building strong relationships with clients and my colleagues. The first thing I noticed about MM was the educated, experienced and welcoming team that came with it, every member is involved in some way. It’s really motivating to come into an office all having such different backgrounds and experiences, who all offer unique value to MM and its clients.

Fun fact about yourself – anything you’d like, related to work or otherwise!

Fun fact about myself is that I love to cook and travel! I love to see new places and experience different food, people and learn the history of different regions. It allows you to push your boundaries, and try new things. I am already planning my next adventure!

Life tip to share – examples: What do you do to stay active? How do you unwind after a long day? What hobby do you do that works your brain? How do you find time to escape the city?

I walk to work every single day to stay active. I read a lot of fiction or cook up a new recipe to unwind after a long day. In the summer I try to find time to escape the city by going to a friend’s cottage or visiting my parents in Barrie.

Work tip to share-examples: How do you start your work day? How do you stay organized?

I’m definitely not one of those people who can skip breakfast and calmly sail through the morning on just a cup of coffee. No way! Breakfast is an absolute must for me. Once I’ve settled in with my desk breakfast and a cup of coffee, I go through my emails and my to-do list. Every evening before I leave the office, I write down what I need to do the next day. I organize my to-do list based on clients with each client representing a different colour in my Outlook calendar. This allows me to prioritize important tasks, and have an accurate overview of meetings and time sensitive tasks for that week.


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It has been observed that new business owners and freshly-founded organizations often overlook the importance of having in-house accountants while being trapped in daily operational chaos. However, an accountant is needed for every association as they play a crucial role in various areas for running the association.


Financial Reporting and Cash Management

Financial reporting and analysis is a significant function that accountants provide. Accountants prepare financial statements periodically according to different groups of readers’ needs including: the Treasurer, President, members, bank, and government. They keep a clear track of all transactions, identify possible adjustments to the financial statements including note disclosures, and show highlights of the association’s financial performance. This financial analysis could pertain to specific areas that different readers might have more interest in. For example, membership renewal and new recruitment, conference and certification. The customized reporting and analysis will help the association set up a more realistic strategic plan and budget for the future.

Cash management is also an indispensable service that accountants provide. Associations need enough cash and reserves to fund the daily operations and accountants are needed to monitor the cash balance and budget for cash flow. 



The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and the government generally reserve the right to go back seven years to audit the association’s financials and tax filing. Therefore, it’s important for associations to keep consistent and proper bookkeeping and file the tax accurately each year on time. Missing the deadline or filing the incorrect amount could result in a future penalty and interest. Accountants protect associations from the audit risk and conduct tax planning when needed.


 General Governance and Control 

The accountants usually provide insights into the strategy and governance of the association. They analyze the association’s governance policies, design the internal control system and make sure the governance structure as well as the control system work effectively and are in compliance with the association’s mission, vision and regulatory. When there is lack of internal control system, inefficiencies usually arise in the association which can easily lead to a cash crisis. The accountant can help with setting up the procedure and monitoring the work flow to mitigate the risk. The effective internal control also provides extra assurance to the association’s financial health and can alleviate the burden of the annual audit.


Accountants usually will not only provide financial management with the association but also offer consulting services and professional recommendations. If you plan to start an association, it’s better to bring an accountant in sooner than later.  



Association Management, Creative Services, Event Management, News, Public Relations

Many goals and issues of associations, private companies and corporations overlap. There is the common goal of promoting campaigns, fundraising or drawing attention to a relevant story, and on occasion, navigating a crisis. In recent years, companies and associations have looked to PR specialists to lead these initiatives. What they’re doing, in essence, is creating a jigsaw puzzle and finding the fit with your stories and the right journalist. Connecting the Pieces of the Puzzle, Changing a Challenge into an Opportunity and Completing the Puzzle are the steps that will expand your association’s voice.

Sarah Cooper brings over a decade of experience in communications (marketing, media and public relations) to Managing Matters. Her passion, dedication and strategic thinking are key for her clients reaching their goals and achieving success. Sarah has consistently secured significant editorial coverage for her clients in national print publications such as The Globe & Mail, The National Post and Azure Magazine. To read the full article online click here

This article has been featured on CSAE’s website on May 2017,

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On average we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at our place of work and in Canada approximately 47% of working adults are unhappy at their job. Happiness can generally be divided into 3 main factors:

unlocking happiness in the workplace

Jennifer Moss, expert in data-driven happiness and emotional intelligence in the workplace, believes there are simple tactics that employees can adapt and employers can encourage that translates into a happier and more enjoyable workplace. 

She advocates that embracing virtues such as hope, gratitude, efficacy, optimism, empathy, engagement and social support result in happier individuals, which also means increased energy and productivity as well as less sick days (bonus for bosses).

Creating an affirming and positive workplace is a key pillar of Managing Matters and we thought we would share a couple of Jennifer’s tips that we use.

Being Grateful

This can be simple shout out to a person in your organization that has been supportive, helpful or just fun to be around. Being grateful on a regular basis can have a tremendous effect on yourself, it leads to sleeping better, feeling more connected in the workplace and increased confidence, among other positive effects. At Managing Matters we practice gratuity every Friday at our office meeting. 

Click here to watch Jennifer speak about her program, “Smiles in School” and how being grateful helped kids.

Building Social Support

Encouraging social support in your organization amongst co-workers, as well as outside of the organization, leads to an increased optimism, a sense of community for everyone and a safe atmosphere. At Managing Matters we foster an atmosphere of teamwork and creativity, where all new ideas are welcome and encouraged. We also support our city with different community initiatives.

Why not test it for yourself? Encourage your company to practice gratitude for the next 3-4 weeks and see what the results are for you!

* This blog was based on a session from the 2016 CSAE Conference. To learn more, click here.

Blog post written by Jennie Benjamins, Account Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


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Toronto, ON – November 21, 2016 Managing Matters is pleased to announce that President Jenny Faucher has been named the winner of a Silver Stevie ® Award in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services – 11 to 2,500 Employees category. Jenny Faucher shares, “I am truly honoured and humbled to have been selected as a Silver Stevie Award Winner and to be surrounded with other truly inspirational women. It’s exciting to know that our company is being recognized for the impactful work our team is doing for all our clients and the strides we are taking in raising awareness of the Association Management sector.” Read More Here