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On average we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at our place of work and in Canada approximately 47% of working adults are unhappy at their job. Happiness can generally be divided into 3 main factors:

unlocking happiness in the workplace

Jennifer Moss, expert in data-driven happiness and emotional intelligence in the workplace, believes there are simple tactics that employees can adapt and employers can encourage that translates into a happier and more enjoyable workplace. 

She advocates that embracing virtues such as hope, gratitude, efficacy, optimism, empathy, engagement and social support result in happier individuals, which also means increased energy and productivity as well as less sick days (bonus for bosses).

Creating an affirming and positive workplace is a key pillar of Managing Matters and we thought we would share a couple of Jennifer’s tips that we use.

Being Grateful

This can be simple shout out to a person in your organization that has been supportive, helpful or just fun to be around. Being grateful on a regular basis can have a tremendous effect on yourself, it leads to sleeping better, feeling more connected in the workplace and increased confidence, among other positive effects. At Managing Matters we practice gratuity every Friday at our office meeting. 

Click here to watch Jennifer speak about her program, “Smiles in School” and how being grateful helped kids.

Building Social Support

Encouraging social support in your organization amongst co-workers, as well as outside of the organization, leads to an increased optimism, a sense of community for everyone and a safe atmosphere. At Managing Matters we foster an atmosphere of teamwork and creativity, where all new ideas are welcome and encouraged. We also support our city with different community initiatives.

Why not test it for yourself? Encourage your company to practice gratitude for the next 3-4 weeks and see what the results are for you!

* This blog was based on a session from the 2016 CSAE Conference. To learn more, click here.

Blog post written by Jennie Benjamins, Account Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


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Toronto, ON – November 21, 2016 Managing Matters is pleased to announce that President Jenny Faucher has been named the winner of a Silver Stevie ® Award in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services – 11 to 2,500 Employees category. Jenny Faucher shares, “I am truly honoured and humbled to have been selected as a Silver Stevie Award Winner and to be surrounded with other truly inspirational women. It’s exciting to know that our company is being recognized for the impactful work our team is doing for all our clients and the strides we are taking in raising awareness of the Association Management sector.” Read More Here

Association Management, News, Non-For-Profit

Managing Matters President & CEO Jenny Faucher and Senior Association Manager, Strategy & Marketing Rachel King are featured in the July/August 2016 issue of Associations Now: Guide to Association Management Companies! They have been featured in Christine Umbrell’s Article How AMCs Can Help when It’s Time to Go Global, offering their insight as to how you can move your association from national to global.

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A satisfied and active membership base is the core ingredient of any successful association. A healthy and prosperous organization is one that keeps its members engaged, participating, and interested in their activities and initiatives. Member engagement should be top of mind for any association that is looking for continued growth. Here are a few things to consider when looking to build and strengthen member engagement, and further promote member retention, loyalty and satisfaction.

Implement a Strong Social Media Strategy.

We live in the era of Tweets, Follows, Likes, and Shares. Social media channels, when used effectively, are a powerful, easy and cost-effective means of establishing meaningful connections with people. A strong social media strategy will not only promote and strengthen your association’s online brand presence, it can also help to find and build a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passions, interests, and values.

Start by connecting with members online! Create engaging content to share with your members; spark discussions about interesting and relevant topics that promote and encourage stimulating conversation; and encourage online collaboration efforts with your membership base. Allowing for two-way communication and one-on-one interactions is a great way to cultivate and strengthen member relations and to increase membership loyalty.

Be creative and have fun with it! Social media is a great way to engage a target audience, and when used intelligently and with purpose, it can be a fantastic tool in retaining members and even attracting new ones!

Create an Interactive and Stimulating Website.

Your website is your association’s main hub and remains the primary source where visitors will look to find information about the organization. Take advantage of this with consistent webpage updates of fresh and timely content that is appealing and of interest to members. The key is to be consistent with your updates! Never leave your website stagnant with outdated information.

Consider amping up your member engagement efforts via an interactive website platform. A “members only” online interactive forum or meeting space where members can share their own content, ideas, thoughts, and information with each other, is a conducive way to encourage communication, camaraderie and a strong fellowship within the association.

Provide Valuable Services.

Educational workshops, information sessions, and networking events are a great way to strengthen member engagement. Allowing members the opportunity to connect and learn from industry professionals, experts, and knowledgeable sources promotes member development on a professional and personal scale. Services like these provide value, which is one of the most important offerings an association can provide its members, and one of the main reasons why people join associations in the first place! Attractive offerings such as these are priceless and are a great way to entice, engage and enrich your membership base.


Blog post written by Maria Karagiannidis, Account Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


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Social Media is here to stay – nearly 2.1 billion people worldwide have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. With that many users, social media for your association is a natural marketing tool. Social Media Examiner’s 2015 Social Media Marketing Report discovered that 56% of social media marketers have been doing so for more than two years – it’s not going anywhere! Thinking about how you can use social media platforms to convey your message and market your association? Here are four tips to remember when running a social media account.

1. Post frequently: It’s basic logic that the more you post, the more attention you will get. Depending on how many accounts your followers are following, there’s a good chance that they won’t see every single thing you post. It’s a good rule of thumb to post relevant content 2-3 times a day in order to have your content reach the most people – space them out by morning, afternoon, and evening for the best chance to reach the most users. The more consistent you are, the more impact your presence will have. Not only should you post frequently, but try to switch up between posts, images, retweets/link shares, and more in order to keep things fresh.

2. Post about/retweet sponsors and followers: Your sponsors are important to you. By sharing news about your sponsor or retweeting their content, you are helping to elevate their presence as well as theirs. By interacting with brands that are similar to yours, it will encourage them to also interact with you, and it will bring both you and your sponsor further into the public eye.

3. Create Calls to Action: Posts that ask a question are 21% more likely to be interacted with than ones that don’t. By asking questions or telling your user to “register now”, or to “check out” or “like” some content, you can get more action out of your user than if you were simply posting content that requires no response. By prompting your user to check out your content or engage with your posts, you’re causing them to think more about your association and what you do.

4. Use Visual Content: 40% of Social Media marketers believe visual content is important to elevate your brand. Visual content attracts the user’s eye and, when used appropriately, can bring recognition and loyalty back to your brand. By accompanying a post with a relevant image or video, or creating branded graphics for your post, you will pull in more users – social media updates that contain an image will receive 150% more retweets, 3x more Facebook engagement, or 200% more Twitter engagement. More engagement = more publicity = more recognition for who your association is.

Blog post written by Annie Ratcliffe, Creative, Graphic and Web Designer at Managing Matters Inc.