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Many goals and issues of associations, private companies and corporations overlap. There is the common goal of promoting campaigns, fundraising or drawing attention to a relevant story, and on occasion, navigating a crisis. In recent years, companies and associations have looked to PR specialists to lead these initiatives. What they’re doing, in essence, is creating a jigsaw puzzle and finding the fit with your stories and the right journalist. Connecting the Pieces of the Puzzle, Changing a Challenge into an Opportunity and Completing the Puzzle are the steps that will expand your association’s voice.

Sarah Cooper brings over a decade of experience in communications (marketing, media and public relations) to Managing Matters. Her passion, dedication and strategic thinking are key for her clients reaching their goals and achieving success. Sarah has consistently secured significant editorial coverage for her clients in national print publications such as The Globe & Mail, The National Post and Azure Magazine. To read the full article online click here

This article has been featured on CSAE’s website on May 2017,

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Social Media is here to stay – nearly 2.1 billion people worldwide have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. With that many users, social media for your association is a natural marketing tool. Social Media Examiner’s 2015 Social Media Marketing Report discovered that 56% of social media marketers have been doing so for more than two years – it’s not going anywhere! Thinking about how you can use social media platforms to convey your message and market your association? Here are four tips to remember when running a social media account.

1. Post frequently: It’s basic logic that the more you post, the more attention you will get. Depending on how many accounts your followers are following, there’s a good chance that they won’t see every single thing you post. It’s a good rule of thumb to post relevant content 2-3 times a day in order to have your content reach the most people – space them out by morning, afternoon, and evening for the best chance to reach the most users. The more consistent you are, the more impact your presence will have. Not only should you post frequently, but try to switch up between posts, images, retweets/link shares, and more in order to keep things fresh.

2. Post about/retweet sponsors and followers: Your sponsors are important to you. By sharing news about your sponsor or retweeting their content, you are helping to elevate their presence as well as theirs. By interacting with brands that are similar to yours, it will encourage them to also interact with you, and it will bring both you and your sponsor further into the public eye.

3. Create Calls to Action: Posts that ask a question are 21% more likely to be interacted with than ones that don’t. By asking questions or telling your user to “register now”, or to “check out” or “like” some content, you can get more action out of your user than if you were simply posting content that requires no response. By prompting your user to check out your content or engage with your posts, you’re causing them to think more about your association and what you do.

4. Use Visual Content: 40% of Social Media marketers believe visual content is important to elevate your brand. Visual content attracts the user’s eye and, when used appropriately, can bring recognition and loyalty back to your brand. By accompanying a post with a relevant image or video, or creating branded graphics for your post, you will pull in more users – social media updates that contain an image will receive 150% more retweets, 3x more Facebook engagement, or 200% more Twitter engagement. More engagement = more publicity = more recognition for who your association is.

Blog post written by Annie Ratcliffe, Creative, Graphic and Web Designer at Managing Matters Inc.