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Managing Matters’ Event Coordinator Daniella Bustamante has been featured on Corporate Meetings network with her article “Booth Layout 101: Tips to make trade show booths exciting and inviting”.

“In the world of trade shows, you come across numerous companies of varying services, products, sizes and industries – you leave remembering a select few. There is a reason for this. No matter what the company, having an effective booth design makes all the difference.”


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On average we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at our place of work and in Canada approximately 47% of working adults are unhappy at their job. Happiness can generally be divided into 3 main factors:

unlocking happiness in the workplace

Jennifer Moss, expert in data-driven happiness and emotional intelligence in the workplace, believes there are simple tactics that employees can adapt and employers can encourage that translates into a happier and more enjoyable workplace. 

She advocates that embracing virtues such as hope, gratitude, efficacy, optimism, empathy, engagement and social support result in happier individuals, which also means increased energy and productivity as well as less sick days (bonus for bosses).

Creating an affirming and positive workplace is a key pillar of Managing Matters and we thought we would share a couple of Jennifer’s tips that we use.

Being Grateful

This can be simple shout out to a person in your organization that has been supportive, helpful or just fun to be around. Being grateful on a regular basis can have a tremendous effect on yourself, it leads to sleeping better, feeling more connected in the workplace and increased confidence, among other positive effects. At Managing Matters we practice gratuity every Friday at our office meeting. 

Click here to watch Jennifer speak about her program, “Smiles in School” and how being grateful helped kids.

Building Social Support

Encouraging social support in your organization amongst co-workers, as well as outside of the organization, leads to an increased optimism, a sense of community for everyone and a safe atmosphere. At Managing Matters we foster an atmosphere of teamwork and creativity, where all new ideas are welcome and encouraged. We also support our city with different community initiatives.

Why not test it for yourself? Encourage your company to practice gratitude for the next 3-4 weeks and see what the results are for you!

* This blog was based on a session from the 2016 CSAE Conference. To learn more, click here.

Blog post written by Jennie Benjamins, Account Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


Event Management

Any event professional will tell you that bringing an event to life relies on the success of numerous logistical components ranging from venue, catering, décor and programming – just to name a few.

Arguably one of the most (if not THE most) crucial elements that brings an event to life is the event attendees. Consequently, the registration process that gets them there is very important, and yet it can often be overlooked when focusing on the design, coordination and logistics of the event itself.

In many cases, event registration is the primary source of revenue for an event. Event Registration makes it more likely that guests will actually show up and that the event will turn a profit (if that’s the goal). So needless to say, choosing a registration process is pretty significant.

Registration is usually the first introduction that a potential attendee has to the event experience. It’s therefore crucial that the process is smooth and efficient.

With registration playing such a large role, here are some things to keep in mind when setting up and managing the online registration for your event:

Keep it Simple

Regardless of what registration platform you use, you want to ensure that the attendee experience is as straightforward as possible.  Avoid having registrants go through too many steps and be sure to clearly label everything so they’re less likely to miss anything. Keeping your registration process simple also alleviates the number of calls you will have to field regarding registration, which is a big timesaver.

What do you need to know?

When developing the registration form for your event, you want to be sure you are collecting all the essential data that you the planner need in order to execute the event successfully. How many of your guests have dietary restrictions? Accessibility requirements? How many people plan on attending that pre-conference networking social? The Registration Form is the place to get all that crucial information, which is why you want to carefully consider what is relevant and what questions you should be asking.

What do they need to know?

Even if you are promoting the event details on other marketing collateral, registration is a great place to reinforce key information for attendees. From the main registration landing page, to the confirmation email they receive upon completion (which they can always go back to reference) you can highlight and reiterate important information such as: event location, timing and any other special instructions you want your attendee to remember.

Test, Test, Test!

Before going live and promoting your event registration you want to ensure it has been tested out thoroughly – not just by you, but other team members as well! Your thought process might not necessarily be the same as other people, so this is a good way to see if your registration setup works well across the board.

Keeping Track!

Leading up to your event it is always a good idea to frequently pull registration numbers to gauge how many registrants you have at different points in time. Keeping track of your registration numbers is important when confirming with caterers, working with venue capacities, or in cases where you are not getting as many registrations as anticipated – ramping up your marketing!


 Blog post written by Daniella Bustamante, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


Event Management

Transforming your office into an efficient workspace all starts with getting organized! If you know where everything is, you can easily grab some supplies and get back to work. Organization is not a one-time thing, there needs to be maintenance over time to ensure things are full stocked and continued to be put away correctly. 

As an event planner, we get swamped with so many event related details that need to stay in order, it can be hard to focus on staying organized when your workspace is not from the get go! If you set yourself up before any project, then you can easily and successfully execute to the best of your ability without having to worry about where the scissors are or where a binder is in order to finish a project.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get things organized:


PURGE! There’s nothing like boxes and boxes of unnecessary stuff just sitting in storage. Take a few minutes of out your day, pick up one box at a time and go through it. If there is no need to keep it then throw it out! Create a pile off to the side for garbage and leave anything you still want to keep in the box. The first step is throwing anything away that is not relevant anymore to your workplace.

Ensure you are equipped with the right products to get yourself organized. Head to the store and purchase shelving units, storage containers (big and small) and a label maker to start the process. You may need to make a few trips to the store once you start putting things away, to ensure everything has a place and fits!

Once back at your office, arrange the shelving unit where you see fit and begin to lay out how you will store everything. Ensure your storage containers fit perfectly on each level of the unit. Don’t be afraid to move the shelves around if need be (and if the unit is capable of doing so) 

After the purging is done, it is now time to sort everything and put it away in the containers you just purchased. Best way to do this is to categorize each box separately and ensure not to mix too many different categories together that way everything can be found easily and quickly at one glance.

With your fancy new label maker, ensure you label each container with exactly what is in it before it gets put away on the shelf. At a first glance, it needs to be clear as to what is in there and where it can be found. If your storage unit has doors on it, create a “what’s in this cupboard” sheet so everyone can see what’s inside. This is great if there are more than one unit in your storage area.

Organization can be fun! It’s all about making the space that you have your own and functional for what you need. It may take some time to get things perfect but don’t get stressed over it! Organization is a working progress, there are always different ways you can store, organize and craft your ideas all in one place.

office organization

Blog post written by Caterina Sisca, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


Event Management

Swag, freebies, and favours – these event giveaways can be used as powerful tools to get your brand’s message out there or to establish goodwill with your attendees. But beware! Without careful consideration, your branding idea can wind up forgotten or worse… in the trash.

Choosing event giveaways continues to become a more difficult task that requires thought and guided intention. Here are some tips for choosing WOW-worthy swag that will leave a lasting impression at your next event:

Is it Useful?

Practicality goes a long way when it comes to choosing the right swag. When selecting your next giveaway, ask yourself, would I use this? If the answer is no, chances are your attendee will feel the same. To encourage attendees to engage with your brand, choose an item that is useful for your specific audience and that will be used long after the event. Mobile power banks are perfect giveaways for meetings and conferences to keep attendees plugged in and happy! This little device will be used long after the event and will put your brand at top of mind with every charge.

Is it Unique?

Pens, mugs, key chains. Though useful, these items will have your brand lost in the crowd. Steer away from common giveaways that attendees have received over and over in favour of something unique! For an active crowd, Running Key Cuffs are a unique item that keep valuables safe and secure while exercising and are perfect for corporate branding.

Is it on Theme?

A great place to start when choosing swag is to consider the purpose of your event. Who are the attendees? What is this event all about? Ask yourself these questions to ensure your giveaways are event-specific and appropriate for the occasion. Even better, try tying the theme to your organization’s offerings for even more WOW! For your next summer-themed event, try Personalized Sand Imprint Flip Flops, a great thematic item that makes a big impact by leaving logo impressions in the sand with every step.


Giveaways can be a major highlight of an event when chosen properly. WOW the attendees by choosing swag that is right for them.


Blog post written by Kelly Furnish, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


Event Management, Non-For-Profit

What is a FAM trip?

A familiarization trip (FAM Trip) is where event planners, consultants or potential clients are invited to visit a city by the Tourism Board, Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB), or Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). The destination hosts will typically book all your travel, and daily activities and meals. The trip allows for the destination to show off all their venues, services and suppliers. Their goal is to blow your socks off and showcase their wonderful city, which in turn would entice you to bring your client conferences to their cities one day. They simulate activities that the attendees would be doing such as social excursions, opening receptions at local venues, accommodations at various hotels so you can get to know their “product”.

What’s in it for the destination?

The goal for the destination is to gather future business. They want you to fall in love with their city and envision bringing your clients to their city to hold their events. This, to them, is a small investment for a larger return when an event planner is bringing a 500 person conference to their city!

What’s in it for you?

FAM trips are a quick and easy way to become an expert about a destination. Learning about various destinations and all their offerings will set you apart from other event planners/management companies.

FAM trips are also a perfect way for an event planner to see a city through an attendee’s perspective and also get an opportunity to see all the venues/meeting space and social excursions all in one shot. The main goal is to see if this location will be best suited for your client.

How to make the most of a FAM Trip

When you are on the FAM trip be sure to ask lots of questions and be in the moment. Typically the destination will have hotel reps, social venue reps, DMCs, local rental suppliers, AV suppliers, etc. Chat with everyone you meet, FAM trips are a perfect opportunity to network and create connections with various people in the industry.

Post FAM Trip

Be sure to take notes throughout the FAM trip, since it may be harder to remember ALL the places you have visited when you are back home. Create a reference guide with key contact people as well as notes with all the places you have visited divided into different categories. Present a short presentation to your team to share high level knowledge of what you learned about the location re. culture/best hotels/venues/ etc. Always follow up with the new people you’ve met and ask questions to further clarify if there are any venues you may be interested in.

How do you get on a FAM trip?

If you have a conference coming up over the next couple years and you know the potential cities, reach out to the various Tourism Boards, Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVB), or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) and ask if they have a FAM trip coming up, and if so to put you on the list! Most destinations do not advertise FAM trips so you be sure to ask!

Blog post written by Dory Kashin, Senior Event Planner at Managing Matters Inc.