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Managing Matters’ Event Coordinator Daniella Bustamante has been featured on Corporate Meetings network with her article “Booth Layout 101: Tips to make trade show booths exciting and inviting”.

“In the world of trade shows, you come across numerous companies of varying services, products, sizes and industries – you leave remembering a select few. There is a reason for this. No matter what the company, having an effective booth design makes all the difference.”


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On average we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at our place of work and in Canada approximately 47% of working adults are unhappy at their job. Happiness can generally be divided into 3 main factors:

unlocking happiness in the workplace

Jennifer Moss, expert in data-driven happiness and emotional intelligence in the workplace, believes there are simple tactics that employees can adapt and employers can encourage that translates into a happier and more enjoyable workplace. 

She advocates that embracing virtues such as hope, gratitude, efficacy, optimism, empathy, engagement and social support result in happier individuals, which also means increased energy and productivity as well as less sick days (bonus for bosses).

Creating an affirming and positive workplace is a key pillar of Managing Matters and we thought we would share a couple of Jennifer’s tips that we use.

Being Grateful

This can be simple shout out to a person in your organization that has been supportive, helpful or just fun to be around. Being grateful on a regular basis can have a tremendous effect on yourself, it leads to sleeping better, feeling more connected in the workplace and increased confidence, among other positive effects. At Managing Matters we practice gratuity every Friday at our office meeting. 

Click here to watch Jennifer speak about her program, “Smiles in School” and how being grateful helped kids.

Building Social Support

Encouraging social support in your organization amongst co-workers, as well as outside of the organization, leads to an increased optimism, a sense of community for everyone and a safe atmosphere. At Managing Matters we foster an atmosphere of teamwork and creativity, where all new ideas are welcome and encouraged. We also support our city with different community initiatives.

Why not test it for yourself? Encourage your company to practice gratitude for the next 3-4 weeks and see what the results are for you!

* This blog was based on a session from the 2016 CSAE Conference. To learn more, click here.

Blog post written by Jennie Benjamins, Account Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


Meet the Team

Meet Event Coordinator Jessica!

“Team spirt is a key value of MM, and a personality trait that I pride myself on. Additionally, teamwork is important in every aspect of planning an event, and is critical for the success and proper execution of an event. Through-and-through, I am a dedicated team player, which I hope is an inspiration to both my colleagues and clients.

Putting on a successful event, as well as making your client and the event attendees happy are 2 of the most important things of being an Event Coordinator. As an Event Coordinator I am part of every aspect of the planning process, in addition, I see the event through from beginning to end and everything in between. I add value to my clients, by always presenting new and creative ideas to elevate an event experience, being on time and reliable, providing innovative marketing campaigns and finding ways to draw increased event attendance.

Being an Event Coordinator is one of the most stressful jobs, 5th or 6th place depending on what study you read, but that fact never seems to faze me. The fast paced, exciting world of an event coordinator is something I very much enjoy. Especially since no two days are ever the same!

My favorite part about being an Event Coordinator is seeing the event you’ve worked so hard on, for the past weeks, months, years – all come together. It’s extremely rewarding to see your client with their attendees and guests enjoy themselves at an event that you helped to organize. It makes the long hectic hours, massive to-do lists, hour long phone calls, and endless trips to Pinterest – really worthwhile. Once an event has started, I like to take a step back to really take in the full effect, and soak up that great atmosphere that comes with a well-planned event. I also normally use this opportunity to snap a few photos – so I can remember how great it felt! Finally, the icing on the cake, is when an attendee or your client takes the time to approach you and let you know how much fun they had, or how much they appreciate your work. A “great job” really goes a long way.

The best part about working at MM is all the amazing people I have the opportunity to work with. My colleagues are an amazing group of creative, hard-working and reliable people who are always willing to lend a hand, to brainstorm ideas, or to simply listen while you talk through an idea. We also manage to have a great time at work together too! Our bi-weekly wine parties are always a hit, lunch breaks with our new favorite game –linkee, and most exciting – our staff summer outing at the upcoming Jays game.

I also am lucky to work with some really wonderful clients, who I enjoy building relationships with every day.

I am the second youngest of 5 kids! Big families are amazing 🙂 

Being an Event Coordinator can be stressful, it sometimes involves long and unusual hours. I pride myself on my professionalism, and my commitment to my clients and their events. I thoroughly enjoy my job, and the people I am able to work with every day, however sometimes it’s hard not to “take work home with you” by thinking about your upcoming meetings, to do list etc. So, to spend a little “me-time” and unwind after a long day, I like to sit down with a great book. Getting lost in a book is one of the best feelings in the world. My colleagues and I started a fantastic book club, where we read about 1 non-fiction book a month – we’re reading our fourth book now! I was already an avid reader before I started with MM, so sharing my passion with colleagues is refreshing and exciting.

Additionally, I try to get out of the city about once a month to visit my hometown. Family is extremely important to me, and I always love spending time with them – I have 3 nephews that make me the happiest Aunt on earth!

I start my work day, firstly with my daily caffeine dose – I’m a regular at both Tim Hortons and Starbucks!

Once I’ve settled in with my caffeine, I go through my emails to read ones from the previous afternoon, or from earlier that day. This helps me to organize my day, and add to my To-Do list if needed. I then move on to check my To-Do list which is filled with lots of colour, sticky notes and big arrows and underlines. I use these methods to not only keep myself organized, but also to make my To-Do list look a little bit more exciting – which keeps me motivated! I organize myself based on clients and events, and then important tasks specific for that client or event, highlighted and underlined. I then use sticky notes for tasks that quickly filter through my mind, and that may not be as time consuming or time sensitive and other things in my to do list.

I also like to have important documents, meeting notes or contracts printed so that they are easily accessible to me when needed. I have organized these important documents into client specific binders. Within these binders I have tabs for the events that then are organized by tasks such as venue, food and beverage, invitations, email blasts, etc.

Lastly, in order to ensure I am successfully utilizing my work day, I schedule time for specific tasks into my calendar. This allows me to prioritize important tasks, and have an accurate overview of meetings and time sensitive tasks for the week.”


Event Management

Any event professional will tell you that bringing an event to life relies on the success of numerous logistical components ranging from venue, catering, décor and programming – just to name a few.

Arguably one of the most (if not THE most) crucial elements that brings an event to life is the event attendees. Consequently, the registration process that gets them there is very important, and yet it can often be overlooked when focusing on the design, coordination and logistics of the event itself.

In many cases, event registration is the primary source of revenue for an event. Event Registration makes it more likely that guests will actually show up and that the event will turn a profit (if that’s the goal). So needless to say, choosing a registration process is pretty significant.

Registration is usually the first introduction that a potential attendee has to the event experience. It’s therefore crucial that the process is smooth and efficient.

With registration playing such a large role, here are some things to keep in mind when setting up and managing the online registration for your event:

Keep it Simple

Regardless of what registration platform you use, you want to ensure that the attendee experience is as straightforward as possible.  Avoid having registrants go through too many steps and be sure to clearly label everything so they’re less likely to miss anything. Keeping your registration process simple also alleviates the number of calls you will have to field regarding registration, which is a big timesaver.

What do you need to know?

When developing the registration form for your event, you want to be sure you are collecting all the essential data that you the planner need in order to execute the event successfully. How many of your guests have dietary restrictions? Accessibility requirements? How many people plan on attending that pre-conference networking social? The Registration Form is the place to get all that crucial information, which is why you want to carefully consider what is relevant and what questions you should be asking.

What do they need to know?

Even if you are promoting the event details on other marketing collateral, registration is a great place to reinforce key information for attendees. From the main registration landing page, to the confirmation email they receive upon completion (which they can always go back to reference) you can highlight and reiterate important information such as: event location, timing and any other special instructions you want your attendee to remember.

Test, Test, Test!

Before going live and promoting your event registration you want to ensure it has been tested out thoroughly – not just by you, but other team members as well! Your thought process might not necessarily be the same as other people, so this is a good way to see if your registration setup works well across the board.

Keeping Track!

Leading up to your event it is always a good idea to frequently pull registration numbers to gauge how many registrants you have at different points in time. Keeping track of your registration numbers is important when confirming with caterers, working with venue capacities, or in cases where you are not getting as many registrations as anticipated – ramping up your marketing!


 Blog post written by Daniella Bustamante, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.