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Managing Matters’ Event Coordinator Daniella Bustamante has been featured on Corporate Meetings network with her article “Booth Layout 101: Tips to make trade show booths exciting and inviting”.

“In the world of trade shows, you come across numerous companies of varying services, products, sizes and industries – you leave remembering a select few. There is a reason for this. No matter what the company, having an effective booth design makes all the difference.”


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Meet the Team

Meet Event Coordinator Dela Kumapley!

“At Managing Matters, every event that I coordinate is a passion project and my favourite part of the process is
being onsite during the event. This is where months of hard work finally play out in real life and where my unshakeable cool calm and collected demeanour really comes into play.

is where countless emails, phone calls to a laundry list of suppliers, and team brainstorming sessions come together to create a unique experience and atmosphere for our attendees. These are chances for attendees to network, to catch up with old friends and colleagues, and could be crucial to someone’s next career move, to closing the deal on a sale, or just the spark needed to incite the next big “aha moment”.

My number one tip for working efficiently is to schedule a weekly recurring do not book block of time – and don’t waiver on this (unless absolutely necessary). This time can be used to work on a specific task that you just haven’t found the time to get to this week (or last week) and is designated “do not disturb” time. Bonus: if something urgent and last minute pops up, it is your saving grace time period where you know you don’t have any meetings scheduled and can tackle the task/project.

My number one life tip is to identify an interest or hobby and join a club of likeminded people. Every month I look forward to book club meetings, photography walks, dodgeball games, and gourmet cooking groups. By making a commitment to these groups (and sticking to them), I make sure that I am carving out preset time to recharge outside of work and focus on my (other) passions. You never know when something you discuss in book club, someone you meet at your dodgeball game or a new food introduced in your cooking group will help you tackle your next Monday morning conundrum. Work-life balance for the win!”

Blog post by Dela Kumapley, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.


Event Management

Swag, freebies, and favours – these event giveaways can be used as powerful tools to get your brand’s message out there or to establish goodwill with your attendees. But beware! Without careful consideration, your branding idea can wind up forgotten or worse… in the trash.

Choosing event giveaways continues to become a more difficult task that requires thought and guided intention. Here are some tips for choosing WOW-worthy swag that will leave a lasting impression at your next event:

Is it Useful?

Practicality goes a long way when it comes to choosing the right swag. When selecting your next giveaway, ask yourself, would I use this? If the answer is no, chances are your attendee will feel the same. To encourage attendees to engage with your brand, choose an item that is useful for your specific audience and that will be used long after the event. Mobile power banks are perfect giveaways for meetings and conferences to keep attendees plugged in and happy! This little device will be used long after the event and will put your brand at top of mind with every charge.

Is it Unique?

Pens, mugs, key chains. Though useful, these items will have your brand lost in the crowd. Steer away from common giveaways that attendees have received over and over in favour of something unique! For an active crowd, Running Key Cuffs are a unique item that keep valuables safe and secure while exercising and are perfect for corporate branding.

Is it on Theme?

A great place to start when choosing swag is to consider the purpose of your event. Who are the attendees? What is this event all about? Ask yourself these questions to ensure your giveaways are event-specific and appropriate for the occasion. Even better, try tying the theme to your organization’s offerings for even more WOW! For your next summer-themed event, try Personalized Sand Imprint Flip Flops, a great thematic item that makes a big impact by leaving logo impressions in the sand with every step.


Giveaways can be a major highlight of an event when chosen properly. WOW the attendees by choosing swag that is right for them.


Blog post written by Kelly Furnish, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.